Warehousing and fulfilment press

Back Issue Service

Making sure your readers never miss a copy of their favourite newspaper or periodical.

Delight your readers by having a full library of back issues, available to order at any time, posting to anywhere.

Asendia is on hand to effectively and efficiently manage your whole back issues management process for you, from warehousing and fulfilling your back issues (complete with full inventory services), to managing and collecting payments for your published content on-demand. By providing this always-welcomed added service, we help our clients exceed the expectations of their readers, and in turn transform them into real brand advocates of their content.




Replacement Copies

Replace readers’ lost or damaged copies through our fulfilment service

No reader wants their prized periodical collection to have missing editions. None wants to realise that the copy they thought they could replace no longer can. That’s why Asendia runs a dedicated replacement copies service – where our sole mission is to help client’s readers maintain their collections should some of their editions go astray.

We have space so you don’t need it. We’ll store all your replacement issues in our huge, secure warehouses. Whenever readers contact us, we’ll deliver their replacement periodical or magazine straight away.





Make your merchandising more manageable – by letting us do it for you.

Need to support your published content with additional extras – like free gifts, new subscriber gifts, or products they can buy only from you? That’s not a problem.

Our warehousing and fulfilment service holds all your valuable stock safely on your behalf. Whenever your reader orders a product, it’s us that the order comes to, and it’s us that handles the entire picking packing, billing and distribution process for you. We handle it all so you don’t need to be involved. It’s yet another vital background service that we do, but which can give real value-add to your readers.




Pick and Pack

For clients who want to know how their stock levels are changing at our own warehouses, we have the perfect solution – a highly accurate software solution that lets customers see their stock 24/7 in near-real time. Use this to trigger new orders, and manage your readers’ expectations. 

These back issues of newspapers and back issues of magazines services are available from France, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, the UK and USA for worldwide distribution. Want us to offer a custom solution for your country? Please get in touch.


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