Subscription Marketing

Want to future-proof your business by growing your subscriber base? Reach out to even more readers in French and German-speaking markets with our innovative online marketing solutions and print services.

Online expertise: We know you want to build your subscribers portfolio. Our online subscription marketing solution enables you to do just that. Our dedicated online subscription portals give existing and new readers the ability to quickly, and simply subscribe to their favourite titles wherever they are.

Print marketing: We don’t just offer digital solutions. If you’re a publisher in Switzerland, France or Belgium and want to grow the number of Swiss and Belgian subscribers, we believe we are the perfect partner for you.

Are you a Swiss, French, Belgian, German or Austrian publisher wanting to acquire new subscribers in Belgium, Switzerland and/ or Austria?

Our Asendia Press Edigroup commission-based print subscription catalogue is physically sent out to more than half a million potential subscribers in the areas you want to target. By including details about your magazines and any other titles you publish in this bespoke catalogue, your brand will arrive straight to where you want it to be - inside people’s homes.

Asendia Press Edigroup is the partner you are looking for.

Our subscription marketing solutions provide:

  • Increased market share: all you need to do it sit back and see growing readers and overall market share
  • Enhanced presence: Acquire more customers by seeing your web and print presence extend globally
  • No fixed acquisition costs: Reader acquisition is made easy. Gain new, long-term subscriber income for zero fixed cost of acquisition
  • Optimised services: Everything we do is based on knowing exactly what our customers need. We don’t do anything that hasn’t already been proven to be effective
  • Zero risk for you: Our online portals are a no-risk service for publishers. We’ve provided all the investment upfront to help our customers grow their business

Our portals provide a platform for you to market your publications professionally and acquire new subscribers without risk or without any advance payments.

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