Newsstand Marketing

Helping your publications stand out from the crowd at all points of sale locations up and down Switzerland.

Print circulation has no time for modesty. Making sure readers look at your title, are engaged with it, and turn into subscribers is all about standing out from the crowd.

At Asendia we’ve developed our own in-house consultancy whose singular mission is to achieve just this.

Targeting all press-based sales outlets in German- and Italian-speaking Switzerland (we manage 1,500 and counting sales points every quarter). We have a dedicated pool of sales teams who’ll make it their priority to visit your site, and advise you on a variety of selling strategies, from designing better marketing, pricing and business strategies, to advising how you can attract new readers to your newsstands more imaginatively. It's magazine delivery, and then some.

Our services don’t just stick to promoting what’s already on sale. If you have a new product launch that needs marketing, we can help too. Even if you require more time-specific marketing, to meet better retail distribution targets, our experts are at your disposal. Our success is your success – it’s a true partnership model.

Motivation for kiosk staff: Our consultants help turn passive kiosk staff into active brand ambassadors, aligning them to the goals of your titles, by helping them boost sales.

Optimised presentation of publications: We make sure success with your periodical distribution doesn’t fall short at the point of display. We write the rules to guarantee your titles are consistently and prominently placed to create homogeneity across distribution sites. When readers want to find your title, they’ll know exactly where to look, wherever they are.

Analysis of the competition: Want to know how you fare against competitor titles? It’s all part of the job for our team of analysts who will work hard to give your publications the competitive edge.

Merchandising: Marketing materials, POS displays, support services to showcase your titles – it’s what we do to capture the eyes (and spending power) of readers.


Our experienced sales team visits all press-based sales points in German- and Italian-speaking Switzerland: managing 1,500 sales points in every quarter across the relevant distribution regions.

And that's not all – we are the ideal partner for your special assignments, launches, relaunches and time-specific marketing campaigns. We work with you to develop a strategy for achieving your retail distribution targets.

What we offer

  • Motivation of kiosk staff
  • Optimised presentation of publications
  • Optimised distribution
  • Analysis of the competition
  • Merchandising

We are also available to assist you with the consultation, implementation and support of suitable press promotions.

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