Preparation Services

Address Data Processing

Clean data is brand-building data. Our data processing service checks that your data is clean and up-to-date

No one likes wasting money printing more copies of their publications than they need to. So often this is the case thanks to poor data management. Not with Asendia though.

We value our data processing services just as importantly as our print and distribution services. We’ll check your data for any signs of duplications, gone-aways and subscription lapses. We’ll perform a thorough data clean, meaning you optimise your printing, optimise your postage, and – perhaps most importantly of all – optimise your brand loyalty and word-of-mouth advocacy.

Please do contact us for more information about how our address cleaning services and data processing services can build your brand.




Address Data Services

Existing customers are your bedrock, but new customers are the icing on the cake. As Asendia we make it our job to continuously find you new readers to target. Our address services include supplying you with new mailing lists to find ever-more elusive customers, to cleaning and maintaining existing lists so that you don’t create the wrong impression with misspelt names or addresses.

For existing customers, we can also provide personalisation services that surprise and delight and ensure they stay long-lasting and loyal customers.




Postage Optimization

A wrongly-formatted address repeated thousands of times can end up being a costly mistake. At Asendia our local experts use our technology to help you achieve address-labelling perfection by advising how you can meet local postage requirements and adhere to established labelling conventions.

In the process, we’ll guarantee we can save you money – money that can go straight to your bottom line.

These data processing services are specifically aimed at clients distributing their publications to Switzerland, Germany, UK and the USA.




Address Cleaning Services

Clean data is more hard-working (and more valuable) data. Our address cleaning service supercharges the returns your data will give you.

Make your international customers’ address data work harder, and improve its value to you in the process by having it thoroughly cleansed.

We’ll literally, take your data to the cleaners to find poor address formatting, eliminate errors, and eliminate duplicates that lead to posting more copies than you might otherwise need to.

As our clients all testify, once your data has been through our elaborate systems and checks, it will emerge all the more cleaner, more relevant and much more likely to yield you success when conducting your mailings. It's data management at its finest.




Lettershop Services

Access our outstanding lettershop services, handling all the essential pre-shipping, pre-postage requirements you could possibly want.

There’s much more to distribution than loading pallets of print onto cargo planes.
We’re here right at the start of the process, helping our global clients meet all fulfilment needs – whether it’s handling insertions (supplements, catalogues, leaflets or envelopes) to sorting, packaging, polywrapping, polybagging, ink-jet addressing and franking their magazines and journals.
In short, Asendia is your one-stop shop for all your press distribution needs. And scale (large or small) is no issue too. Whether it’s handling single-copy items, to multiple units, newsstand/kiosk copies or even handling bulk amounts or special deliveries, we’re here to prepare all your shipment needs – and this includes direct mail and business mail. We guarantee your periodical distribution is nothing but properly, professionally, and precisely handled.
This is an established service provided by Asendia Press available in Switzerland, France, Germany, the UK, the USA and Singapore for worldwide shipments. Lettershop services are also offered by other Asendia companies in Germany, Singapore, UK and USA for worldwide shipments too. Contact us so we can look into offering you a custom solution for your country.


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