Flexible distribution to points of sale across the world.

We can handle your international distribution needs, delivering your publications to newsstands, shops and other outlets all around the world.


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We can also take care of the administration and planning: negotiating agreements with local distributors, remissions accounting, sales statistics and adapting quantities to trends and seasons.





Yellow Icon We help publishers grow their advertiser-base by showing them data that proves their readership statistics across different borders
Yellow Icon Thanks to our local market intelligence, and extra newsstand services, we can advise points of sale owners how to best convert occasional readers into fully paid-up subscribers
Yellow Icon We simplify the sometimes complex world of distribution to optimise all areas – from reducing postage costs, to making transportation costs more efficient
Yellow Icon We increase visibility at international points of sale, to boost sales and grow subscribers
Yellow Icon Simplified export procedures and optimized transport to reduce costs
Yellow Icon Increase readership and brand visibility through an increased international presence


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