Subscriber Press

Signed, sealed and delivered – we’re proud to distribute your publications globally – straight into your readers’ hands

For fast, efficient and reliable delivery of all your magazines, newspapers, corporate publications, or catalogues, look no further than Asendia.

Through our motherhouses, La Poste and Swiss Post, we are the world’s leading expert in delivery solutions and logistics to practically anywhere in the globe.

Reach subscribers, stakeholders or newsstand/kiosk readers alike with our core solutions that promptly and speedily put your publications just where you want them – in the hands of your valued readers.

Benefit also from our extensive selection of supplementary services, ranging from data processing services; newsstand marketing; advertising development; reader acquisition; back issues management; returns management and many more. If you’re producing it, we’ll help you distribute it – no matter where your readers are in the world.


  • Want content delivered urgently? Our services also include shipping daily newspapers to all corners of the globe, on-time and at the most efficient prices.
  • We help clients raise their customer satisfaction levels through solutions that improve the timeliness and reliability of international mail.
  • Our solutions are completely modular. Choose from a suite of services that suit your exact requirements, and modify them over time when it suits you.
  • We help you reach your readers both quickly, and cost effectively.

Our Subscriber Press solutions make

cross-border business simple and dependable; bringing your publications to

readers all over the world.

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Successes with Asendia

Ensuring our publications arrive on time and in prime condition is vital for our business and reputation, and we are most appreciated with Asendia for its services and support.