Additional Services

Service is our promise. That’s why we give back more than you might expect.

At Asendia don’t just provide the bare minimum. We know our clients expect excellence – which is why we provide more than they might expect back.

Our comprehensive range of additional services helps clients and their customers navigate seamlessly through their reader acquisition/subscription journeys. No matter how large or small you are, we’ll help build your product portfolio, grow your reader market, as well as advertise, promote, distribute and help produce your content.

Our Services:

  • Back issues service and replacement copies: We help customers maintain their collections with a full back issue service to plug any gaps they might have.
  • Lettershop services: Our expansive range of lettershop services include direct mail production, printing, envelope insertion, polywrapping and more.
  • Merchandising services: We can handle all your communication requirements, so you can target potential and existing customers flexibly and reliably.
  • Postage optimization: We’ll make sure items are packed, in according to country-specific postal guidelines to return you the most efficient price.

We can bring your publications to readers all over the world

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