Our press and publishing solutions make cross-border business simple and dependable; bringing your publications to readers all over the world.

Sit back and let us speedily, and efficiently distribute all your publications to the rest of the world

They say the world is shrinking, but when it comes to magazine distribution, it’s still the same size as it’s always been – with extra complexity through customs, taxes and tariffs thrown in just for good measure. But, as your trusted partner for global distribution services, it’s our promise to take all this hard work away.

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Efficient management and distribution of your publications around the world

At Asendia it’s our mission to help you connect with your customers – wherever they may be in the world. Our integrated solutions do just this; from managing and distributing publications to more than 200 destinations worldwide, to warehousing and fulfilment, newsstand distribution, advising on the size and shape of collateral for most efficient postage costs, we have solutions that meet all your postage needs.

Our business is about more than just commerce. It’s about helping you manage your whole service and supply chains, to make press and publication distribution second to none. Make Asendia your international periodical distributors of choice and you’ll definitely notice the difference.



Yellow Icon We give your publications even greater international presence
Yellow Icon We offer the choice of either standard or night delivery packages
Yellow Icon We don’t just boost reader subscriptions, we manage subscriptions too
Yellow Icon Our fully outsourced solutions free you up to do what you do best – create content


Ideal For

Yellow Icon All publishers, agencies and content creators that seek global reach for their products
Yellow Icon Producers of magazines, newspapers, corporate publications
Yellow Icon Those who want to deliver directly to newsagents, kiosk operators, and other outlets
Yellow Icon Those who want their daily publications to reach their intended markets before sunrise


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