About Asendia Press

Asendia Press is part of the Asendia Group and consists of Asendia Press EDS, specialised in the sale and distribution of publications and Asendia Press Edigroup, your partner for promoting and managing your subscriptions.

Asendia Press EDS AG

We are your skilled and experienced partner in the sale and distribution of your publications. From magazines to newspapers and customer magazines to annual reports – we bring your message to the reader. Whether you need single copies or chain publications, we take care of it for you. Finding the right solution to meet your needs is more important to us than offering standard solutions.

We are creative, reliable and proactive. As such, we keep your needs in mind and look for new approaches and create custom solutions that will support you over the long term.

Over the last few decades, we have developed the following expertise:

  • Comprehensive logistics know-how
  • Broad distribution network worldwide
  • Offers from the platform to the readers
  • Flexibility and drive
  • Innovation and ongoing process optimisation
  • Distinct focus on customers
  • Extensive know-how

Asendia Press Edigroup

We are your partner for promoting and managing your subscriptions, primarily in Switzerland, Belgium and France. Specialising in subscription management and subscriber acquisition and renewal, Asendia Press Edigroup promotes and distributes newspapers, magazines and journals, as well as managing subscriptions, including the administration of subscribers’ data.

Managing subscriptions abroad is a very specific part of a publisher's work. In each country, the press has its own distinctive features and cultural identity that characterise the local market. Thanks to Asendia Press Edigroup, the French- and German-speaking markets are fully accessible to you. This gives you the opportunity to win new customers and increase your distribution without any effort and lets you focus on your core market.

Over the last few decades, we have developed the following expertise:

  • Guidance towards a complete fulfilment solution
  • Specialisation all along the value creation chain
  • Flexible, dynamic working methods
  • Customer focus
  • Know-how that is as complete as possible
  • Constant innovation and optimisation of processes
  • Linguistic proficiency

About the Asendia Group

We combine the experience and expertise of our founding companies, La Poste and Swiss Post. As a joint venture, we bring together a wealth of international and local expertise and connections. Today we employ over 1,000 people in fifteen country offices in Europe, Asia and the USA - a global network blended with a local presence. We like to work in partnership with you, sharing our knowledge and experience to find you the very best and most effective solutions for your business.


La Poste & Swiss Post partners


Local Presence in 15 countries


Over 1000 experienced employees

Proud to be working with

  • Linio
  • The Economist
  • Financial Times
  • ESP World

Our Vision

That means we make it easy for you to get your mail, publications and packages out to your customers, wherever they are in the world. We support your ecommerce operation with efficient and dependable delivery and returns services. Whether you need help with large numbers of items or you're starting out and growing, we provide easy-to-use services you can rely on, so you can focus on developing your business. Our vision is to deliver on our promise to make cross-border ecommerce and mail easy and reliable, worldwide.

Our Mission

We want to excel in every interaction with our customers. So we look for innovative ways to make your experience even better. We are determined to grow sustainably, taking a responsible attitude to the world around us. As a global business, we're proud of the way we collaborate across borders. We are trusted specialists in France and Switzerland and now established throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

Your Asendia team brings together many years of experience in the international shipping and mail sector and has built the business into one of the leading market providers.

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